Martin Bruderer

"As you start to walk on the way, the way appears." - Rumi

This quote encapsulates my philosophy as both a person and a coach, emphasizing authenticity and integrity in all aspects of my guidance.

I am an open and approachable individual who deeply values personal relationships with my clients. For me, coaching transcends professional agreements—it's about achieving common goals, building mutual understanding, and growing together.

From a young age, my passion for movement, nutrition, and the meaning of life was evident. This drive evolved into a lifelong commitment to sports, health, and personal development. Initially, soccer served as an outlet for my boundless energy, later transitioning to ice hockey.

By age 20, I had achieved my dream of becoming a professional ice hockey player with EHC Kloten. Over 14 years, my dedication and skills culminated in four championship titles, numerous national league games, and appearances with the Swiss national team.

Throughout my athletic career and personal experiences, my interest in training, nutrition, and personal growth grew simultaneously. Experimenting with various approaches and learning from diverse trainers and coaches enriched my knowledge and fueled my thirst for more.

In personal development, I specialize in intuitive goal setting, focusing on unlocking one's creative genius to achieve life goals and personal empowerment. I guide individuals on transformative journeys, converting challenges into opportunities for significant personal growth.

My teachings make the creative process accessible and practical for everyone, promoting structural creativity.

I also teach methods to access higher awareness, enhancing intuition and decision-making, while helping individuals discover their unique talents.

My philosophy integrates intuitive practices with essential life skills, promoting a balanced path to self-realization and practical success. This holistic approach fosters emotional, spiritual, and intellectual growth, enriching lives with achievement and fulfillment.

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